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:: Interviews ::

Elvenking Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Damna

Many bands pride themselves with not giving a fuck, but very few actually don't. How many Black Metal bands do you know who constantly state how much they don't care, yet stick to the guide lines so strictly that there's...

Magor Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Aviv Hadari

Many a band in Israel face a difficult time now. Spawn of Evil, Magor, Matricide and many others, are hitting that time of releasing their first album. That fight or flight statement that will show what the band is made of. Magor, as...

Destruction Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Marcel “Schmier” Schrimer

Isn't it nice that the people who make the music you love are also decent people? One of the few spoils of being a Metalhead is that it's commonplace. Many people in the Metal community, considering its ...

Rotting Christ Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Sakis Tolis

Few names ring quite as many bells in the Black Metal scene, in Israel in particular, as Rotting Christ. The Greek Metal brothers Sakis and Themis Tolis (alongside a myriad of other members and strong players of the Greek M...

TYR Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Heri Joensen

In only a matter of weeks, the Pagan/Folk Metal scene will experience an apex. Started by one of two grandiose events, Ragnarok will be signaled by the coming of the mighty Tyr and the alcoholically mighty Korpiklaani.Though, anyone wh...

Soilwork Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Bjorn "Speed" Strid

Everyone I guess needs a change of pace every once in a while. If you work at perfecting your art, and work very hard at it, at some point you’ll feel the drive to perfect all sides of it. It’s very easy for me to...

Gojira Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Joe Duplantier
Gojira are a band that perhaps had one of the worst chances in European Metal history, and still made the most of it. How? First, they came from a country with a very small Metal scene (with a few cult bands like Trust, Sorteliege ...

Enslaved Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Iver Bjornson
It’s only about 20 short days before Viking Metal/Progressive Black Metal giants Enslaved make their way here to Israel. It’s been a few good years since a band exciting for Black Metal fans has made its way to Israel, and especial...

Turisas Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: Mathias Nygard
I think many of us, in this generation of Metal are unaware of how lucky we are. Right now, there’s an affluence of Metal gigs, a small renaissance or so of Metal in Israel, there’s a selection and the matter of choice. It is not t...

Incantation Interview
By: Metalist NY Magazine
With: John McEente
Of Incantations and Other Types of Sorcery

The underground. A term that many bands seek to be a part of, yet few symbolize, and even fewer are the ideal of. The "underground" in Metal has come to symbolize that whi...

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Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay

Morbid Angel – Kingdoms disdained

Machine Head – Catharsis

Annihilator - For The Demented

Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs

Enslaved - E
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:: Updates ::

להקליט את המטאל - על הפקת אלבומי מטאל

שתי המערות - כתבה על אלבומה החדש של להקת אורפנד לנד

סקירת הופעה:
שוטפים את המוח - סקירת הופעתן של Magen, Hammer Drill ו-Hot Box בגגרין

סוגרים שנה בישראל - סיכום שנת 2017 במטאל הישראלי

סקירת הופעה:
הנורווגים מביאים את החורף - Satyricon בישראל

סקירת הופעה:
על הנר החסר - סקירת הופעת החנוכה של להקת אורפנד לנד
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:: Events ::
Annihilator בישראל
[24/02] PuriMetal
[03/03] A Light In The Dark
[07/03] Eluveitie בישראל
[10/03] Cradle of Filth בישראל
[17/03] Unwasted Years
[24/03] Artland
[27/03] TestamenT בישראל
[29/03] Thrashmania
[05/04] I'm Not Sorry
[10/04] Therion בישראל
[13/04] Necrophobic בישראל
[25/04] Orphaned Land בהופעת השקה חגיגית
[12/05] Tribulation בישראל
[19/08] Dragonforce
[13/10] Vitalism בישראל
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